[Shinnihon Pepsitou] Does she really like it in both holes?

Jesus Christ, it’s been almost a month since I posted anything. Just as a self update, the medication that I’m on at the moment makes me incredibly sleepy.  Basically, I sleep 14+ hours a day and the rest of the time am more or less a zombie. This is as unpleasant as it sounds, so I’ve been experimenting with lifestyle and chemical solutions to this. Some more effective than others. What I’ve found today seems to be good, and so I knocked out a quick TL to see whether I could.🙂

Real simple, real short. Galko likes the cock. The text is minimal but it’s over the images so it might need redrawing. Probably a great start if anyone wants to try an easy redraw.

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Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by tor85: EXHentai

[Himeya] Sex Slave Riesz

Ah, black markets. Great for drugs, weapons, and humans. I’m not exactly familiar with the source material, but Riesz is a princess and gets sold off to the lord of the manor. Where she gets raped a lot, and then takes one for the team when she finds out that her subjects are being raped in the next room.

Simple, but busty rape is something we can all enjoy.🙂

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by tor85: E-Hentai

[Zero no Mono] Cast

There’s always one quiet, shy girl who ends up being the village bike for the whole class. And of course, she gets raped by her foster father as well. But she watches TV. She knows what’s up. She knows it’s just a matter of time before her knight in shining armour comes to sweep her off her feet and take her away to a life where she doesn’t have to swallow a pint of semen every day.

Unless, like, he found the idea of a girl who swallowed pints of semen to be disgusting, and bailed on her. That would suck. (Ha!)

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai


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