Fuck me, it’s cold on the wrong side of the world.

Apologies for not updating links and releases for a couple of weeks, I’ve been travelling to the UK for business. Hooray, free holiday! Well, not quite but it was pretty close. Just some basic training (which it kind of turned out that I knew already and I taught the instructors a thing or two) and visiting some sister sites and catching up with people I’d only met through email. Not exactly hard work wandering around factories looking at neat stuff.

And freezing my nuts off in the UK with their snow. Which I thought was quite fun, two inches of snow and everyone loses their shit. Lol.

Anyway, back right way up now and I’ll get to updating links and replying to people. Also, I think I have a few more translations tucked away somewhere so that should keep us going for a while. 🙂


[Maron Koubou] I Want To Have Sex With Mori Summer

Shinka Nibutani selling her body in order to get back another copy of the Mabinogion? Couldn’t be. And in best rape style she goes from “oh noes don’t rape me” to “damn, I kind of like this”.

I love you Japan. Never change.

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[Count 2.4] Drop

This was a simple Idolmaster “getting sold into prostitution because that’s how the idol industry works” story, until I got to the bombshell line.

“Mayu, your armpit sweat is so delicious.”

Wait, what? You have the chance to fuck a girl in any hole you want and you’re licking her sweaty pits? I mean, whatever floats your boat but that’s certainly a new one for me.

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[Hanauna] Kamiyama High School Vagina Research Club Activity Records

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember Yuasa Shoko from the Hyouka anime and I’ve watched it several times (I really like the art style). But it’s still an awesome book.

Basically, “Vagina Research Club” is a synonym for “Rape Club”. Yuasa and Irisu do all sorts of fucked up things in the name of “research”, and just when she thinks she’s about to graduate and get out they get her knocked up. Nice.

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