[Yojouhan Shobou] Super Pregnant

Poor Ayano.

Raped by a group of delinquents, they then force her to spend half her time whoring herself out to earn them money, and the other half being gang banged by them. As they’re employing the highly effective pull-out-before-you-come method of birth control, it’s not long before she gets knocked up.

Of course, this means that they can sell her for even more to dirty old men who want to fuck a pregnant schoolgirl.

Poor, poor Ayano.

Note: I just did the first story, because the rest of them aren’t that interesting. But there’s about 70-odd story pages, although they do come with text free versions. Up to you as editors whether you want to break it up into bits or not.

Script: Super Pregnant

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[Shinjima Saki] As Fragile as Dreams

Growing up in a family with a desperately poor and sex starved father must be tough on a young girl. Especially when the brother didn’t fall far from the tree, and the father is busy whoring her out to all and sundry.

It’s nice how people can look past what would otherwise be cripplingly horrifying situations to see the lighter side sometimes though.

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[Tsurikichi Doumei] Bluer than Money

Aoi’s at home alone while Kaoru’s off with his other bitches, I mean doing very important things. So she’s all by herself when some guys come in and start raping her.

They’re kind enough to allow her to keep her virginity for Kaoru, but it does mean that she has to service them all with her asshole. The phrase “football down a hallway” springs to mind…

Script: Bluer than Money

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[Kizuki Rei] The Value of Love

What if Japan actually attempted to do something about it’s plummeting birth rates and sexual dysfunction and whatnot? Legislatively-wise, that is.

I mean, objectively identifying quantitative parameters for matching up couples is very Japanese. And probably so is using anyone who doesn’t measure up as porn stars. But something tells me that fucking every schoolgirl once a year to figure out their perfect match wouldn’t go down that well.

And that the schoolgirls whose perfect match turns out to be some hideous land whale of a neck-beardy basement dweller wouldn’t take it as well as the protagonist of this particular story.

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[Mizoguchi Gelatin] School Life

I find that kanji puns rarely work in English in any fashion whatsoever. For example, in this story the word for “to welcome” is written in a certain way, but the first kanji is replaced with one that sounds the same but means “wickedness”, and is used in the phrase “gang rape”. Which is appropriate, given the story, and very cute. But how the fuck does one cram all that into a suitably short English phrase?

So I didn’t bother. But you can still enjoy the gang rape. Puns are hardly essential to the process. 😉

Script: School Life

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[Himeya] Azu:RAPE -Until Azu-nyan Becomes a Fuck Toy-

Apparently Azusa is the dumb one. She gets taken in by email phishing, and then gets blackmailed into servicing dozens of guys a day so that her friends don’t get raped.

It’s all very noble to not want your friends to be raped, but when you’re taking a hundred plus cocks at once you might want to at least holler for a little help. You know, many hands makes light work and all that.

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