[Himeya] Mio:RAPE -The Things I Haven’t Told Anyone About After School-


Mio chats to a guy about a “TV” performance, but it quickly goes south as he rapes her and gets it on tape. Blackmail ensues, and Mio ends up taking cock every day after school. Some months later, she’s trying to fuck a hundred guys a day and being dumped on street corners for failing.

Well, school is shit anyway. Might as well learn a practical skill, like swallowing a pint of semen.

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by tor85: EXHentai

P.S. I think this is the first PSD script I’ve put out. As a result, it’s somewhat huge (~130MB) but it also means that you don’t have to copy/paste text. All the text is on the images in roughly the right locations. I leave it to the editor to jiggle it so that it looks nice and pick a pretty font. Non-text versions of the pages are included in the gallery, so slip those in behind and you’re good to go.

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