[Oyster] Family Planning

This is on the darker side of standard Oyster fare. Girl gets kidnapped while out driving with her father and faces a lifetime of gang rape locked up in the house of a psychotic madman. Also, her father gets killed in front of her which just isn’t nice.

One thing I should explain that didn’t translate well into English: the girl’s name. Her name in Japanese is “Manko”, which technically is a legitimate Japanese girls name. It also means pussy. Ditto the name of the little sister “Omeko” which is again technically a legit name and again can mean pussy.

I can’t think of any legitimate English names with similar connotations. Pussy Galore is about as close as it gets, so I used that for the little sister. I just used Cunt for the protagonist, because fuck it. I could have used the Japanese, but that loses them calling her a cunt the whole time. I figure at least this way the abuse gets in there, which is probably more meaningful than having a believable name. The “father” is a looney, it’s not really that odd that he’d call his daughter “Cunt”.

Anyway, enjoy.

PSD Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by Tanz: EXHentai

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