[Yojouhan Shobou] Mother and Daughters in a Cage 2.1

At long last we get into chapter 2. This is the first thirty pages, because this one is long as fuck. A bit at a time.

We pick up after mom has been fucked all night, and the daughters got a little raped as well. After breakfast tucked under the table sucking cock, mom tries to make a deal that she’ll do whatever in return for leaving her daughters out of it. Seems a bit late, but nice try.

Stage one is mom performing in a porno. Pretty standard housewife stuff, masturbates all over the house then lets a bunch of hung salesmen in to pillage her.

Script: Mother Daughter 2

Gallery: EXHentai

4 thoughts on “[Yojouhan Shobou] Mother and Daughters in a Cage 2.1”

  1. Nice, can’t wait to see the completed release. I initially passed these over since I’ve normally found high contrast oversaurated colouring like they use often hides a style of art I don’t favour once past the cover. The yojouhan shobou stuff has been a pleasant surprise.


  2. Hello, are you planning to finish this project, I am a huge fan of Youjouhan Shobou’s artwork and would like to try edit this one.


      1. Don’t worry, knowing that you intend to finish it is good enough, no matter the time.

        Your health is the utmost priority, get well soon. 🙂


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