[Mogudan] Ayanami 6

Hooray for Comiket 88, for the latest Mogudan is here!

Honestly, I’m not sure what I think of this. It feels much the same as his old stuff (some is outright copied from old omakes, some is same images with new text), but meaty Rei is so sexy.

There’s no real story, it’s just snapshots of Rei going around being a slut. But meaty Rei being a slut is incredibly hot.

And even though it feels like more of the same, Mogudan’s art is incredible. The stupid situations he puts Rei in are still awesome. And dat ass.

Fuck it. Viva, meaty Rei!

Script: Ayanami 6

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by hsqr: EXHentai

2 thoughts on “[Mogudan] Ayanami 6”

  1. Would also like to work on this if no one’s doing it. Redrawing looks manageable here, hopefully… please?


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