[Kizuki Rei] The Value of Love

What if Japan actually attempted to do something about it’s plummeting birth rates and sexual dysfunction and whatnot? Legislatively-wise, that is.

I mean, objectively identifying quantitative parameters for matching up couples is very Japanese. And probably so is using anyone who doesn’t measure up as porn stars. But something tells me that fucking every schoolgirl once a year to figure out their perfect match wouldn’t go down that well.

And that the schoolgirls whose perfect match turns out to be some hideous land whale of a neck-beardy basement dweller wouldn’t take it as well as the protagonist of this particular story.

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by Herzer: EXHentai

3 thoughts on “[Kizuki Rei] The Value of Love”

  1. hey imari, could you recheck the following pages? you miss some dialogs.

    before “yeah”

    last panel after umeko…

    last bubble

    last bubble below “sir! i love it”

    last bubble before bye bye

    last bubble after hey

    last bubble


    1. 07 But this year’s our last inspection.

      08 You’re real tight, an A for vaginal tightness.

      09 Mayuri Shiraishi has gotten loose.

      14 I LOVE IT!

      22 Asami and Kazuma. See you at school tomorrow.

      27 Call me…Asami.

      28 I want him to come inside me over and over!
      I want to get pregnant dozens of times!
      I want to have lots of kids!
      I want to have that sort of fulfilling life!


      Sorry about those. I suspected when I’d gone through and stripped out the background images from the PSDs that I’d accidentally got some of the text too, but I couldn’t see anything obvious.

      Don’t drink and translate, kids. šŸ˜›


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