[Suna] Shooting a Load in Fumina’s Saucy Hole

Where are all these 14 year old girls gagging for old man cock? I’m surely getting to the stage by now that I can do at least a decent impression of old man cock, they should be knocking down my door by now.

Also, Suna art = God tier. Draws girls that are more sexy with their clothes on than most can draw naked.

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[Underwhite] Delivery Doll Diary

The protagonist is a limbless loli. Her job is to be hired out as a sex toy, and this is a story about all the stuff that happens to her.

It’s not as bad as you think. A lot of the people are really nice. Photoshoots, petting, and so on. Of course there’s also the spankings and all night gang bangs, but you’ve got to take the rough with the smooths when you’ve got no arms or legs.

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[Tsurikichi Doumei] Ah! Chiyo!

Chiyo is going to America to study, but the other girls are winding her up by telling stories of all the terrible things that will happen to her in America. Because let’s face it, the place is a wasteland full of rapists, criminals, nuclear weapons and plane crashes.

And so we get a lovely tale of Chiyo getting the living shit kicked out of her before she gets drugged and raped senseless.

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[Shuuen] Delivery Love

Dude orders an escort to his apartment and it turns out to be a girl that he used to go to school with. And he used to have a crush on her. And it turns out she’s been doing this since they were in school together.

I should point out that in escorting in Japan, everything is legal EXCEPT vaginal penetration. Which is why she makes a big deal about letting him fuck her. But realistically, it’s just a way for escorts to weasel an extra fifty out of clients for letting them stick it in.

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[Mitsuki no Mori] The Rape of Yuna

How have I not come across this before? Yuna gets captured and proved to be a heretic. Apparently only heretics orgasm. The result is that she gets gang raped and tortured.

Bonus points to the author for having her electrocuted until her nipples and clit are fried off, then using healing magic to fix her up so she can do it all over again. Genius. 🙂

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