[Irotenya] Doll Commander

If you’re a hot, busty woman you probably shouldn’t be a bitch to your troops. When you step on a mine they may not help you, they may report you as KIA and take you back to base to be raped endlessly. With no arms and legs.

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[Saida Kazuaki] WIN WIN Situation

Shy boy at school loves the brave and pretty girl who defends him, but is too scared to say anything. Then one day he dives in front of a truck to save her from being run over, and when he wakes up in the hospital he’s in her body.

It turns out that she’s a massive slut who has been fucking pretty much everyone but him. Lol.

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Imari is a sick fuck.

I’ve been out of it for a while. Depression is a hell of a drug, kids. 😦

Thankfully, the therapy and medication is starting to kick in and I’m starting to be functional at things other than sleeping and occasionally pooping. Not entirely functional, but on a good day I can get my shit together enough to be able to translate stuff sometimes. It’s hardly a massive achievement compared to some of the stuff I used to do, but it’s a big step up from being a slug for the last six weeks.

I’ve got a few things to push out, and I’ll hopefully get the rest of the old stuff from SNP up. There’s not much. I make no promises because I may end up back in slug mode again, and there’s no way I’ll get up to my old levels of productivity. But maybe something every week or two. 😉

So that’s the story if anyone wondered. I’m not dead, my brain just decided it had had enough and bailed on me. Thanks brain, I love you too. You squishy pain in the arse. Here, have more serotonin and stop being such a mopey shit, please.

(Side note: SSRIs slaughter your sex drive, which makes translating porn about as entertaining as translating a children’s book. Thank goodness for great artists. 🙂 )