Imari is a sick fuck.

I’ve been out of it for a while. Depression is a hell of a drug, kids. 😦

Thankfully, the therapy and medication is starting to kick in and I’m starting to be functional at things other than sleeping and occasionally pooping. Not entirely functional, but on a good day I can get my shit together enough to be able to translate stuff sometimes. It’s hardly a massive achievement compared to some of the stuff I used to do, but it’s a big step up from being a slug for the last six weeks.

I’ve got a few things to push out, and I’ll hopefully get the rest of the old stuff from SNP up. There’s not much. I make no promises because I may end up back in slug mode again, and there’s no way I’ll get up to my old levels of productivity. But maybe something every week or two. 😉

So that’s the story if anyone wondered. I’m not dead, my brain just decided it had had enough and bailed on me. Thanks brain, I love you too. You squishy pain in the arse. Here, have more serotonin and stop being such a mopey shit, please.

(Side note: SSRIs slaughter your sex drive, which makes translating porn about as entertaining as translating a children’s book. Thank goodness for great artists. 🙂 )

6 thoughts on “Imari is a sick fuck.”

  1. Thanks to all who replied. I’m doing kinda OK, still working on getting the right level of drugs which knocks me around a lot. Good days and bad. I’ve had some horrible flu virus the last week which has been kicking my arse, but I think I’m starting to come right again.

    It’s very one day at a time at the moment. But thanks for all your support. 🙂


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