[Kishizuka Kenji] Targeting Female Teachers 1

The bitch of a PE teacher gets gang raped by a mysterious group of her students. They break her and turn her into their toy. This is another short one, I’ve been enjoying knocking out quick and easy stories. 🙂

Gallery: EXHentai

Script: MEGA

Finished gallery by Nemesis: EXHentai

4 thoughts on “[Kishizuka Kenji] Targeting Female Teachers 1”

  1. I’ll do a quick one on this and see if my redrawing powers wanned during my retirement. Let’s hope the grey matter I used for editing at LWB hasn’t seeped out of my brain yet.


      1. Lol, to be honest now I sometimes find myself feeling oddly “unfulfilled and anxious” during those weeks leading up to, and after Summer and Winter Comiket, because I was so used to make time for it by telling people to leave me alone at that period in time.

        All those Japanese sleepless nights stalking e-hentai, excitedly trying to outdo ourselves and other groups, learning new little tidbits about language and communication durig CQ, heck even ranting about all the entertaining feuds with other groups we had going were some of my fondest memories.

        Looking back It’s a wonder how we lasted so long at the frantic pace we had going, and it’s almost as if we had PTSD when we realized we couldn’t and shouldn’t keep going at that pace.

        Well, even so we always go back and just do what we’ve always liked doing, if I think of it like that I think we’ll be around for a long, long time regardless of output numbers.

        tlddr; The nostalgia train hit me hard!


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