[Maron Koubou] I Want To Have Sex With Mori Summer

Shinka Nibutani selling her body in order to get back another copy of the Mabinogion? Couldn’t be. And in best rape style she goes from “oh noes don’t rape me” to “damn, I kind of like this”.

I love you Japan. Never change.

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by Pr1de: EXHentai

5 thoughts on “[Maron Koubou] I Want To Have Sex With Mori Summer”

    1. I uploaded my edit too before noticing that you’ve already done this one, my bad. I sent an expunge petition for my gallery so there won’t be duplicates.


      1. Oh well. I hope you didn’t spend too much time on it.

        Just to be sure, you haven’t thought about doing [TAMAKIYA] SLAVE GIRL (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM), have you?


        1. No worries, didn’t take that long and it was good practice anyway.

          I’ve actually finished editing that last December – just never got around to uploading it because I need to resave the images as PNGs (they’re currently all in JPEG format). Imma get to that now I guess. Other things I’m done editing but haven’t uploaded are:

          [COUNT 2.4] DROP

          …I should get to uploading those too.


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