[Yuuki Iwasaki] Right Behind You

I couldn’t really fit this description in the book, so I’ll put it here. There’s this Japanese Urban legend called Mary’s Phone. A little girl has a doll called Mary, but she loses it. One night she’s home alone and she gets a phone call. There’s a high pitched voice saying “Hi, it’s Mary. I’m at the garbage dump.”

She freaks out and hangs up, but five minutes later the phone starts ringing again.

“Hi, it’s Mary. I’m at the corner store.”

Again she hangs up, and again the phone starts ringing.

“Hi, it’s Mary. I’m in front of your house.”

The girl slams the phone down and goes to look out the front windows. There’s nothing there. As she goes back inside, the phone rings again.

“Hi, it’s Mary. I’m right behind you.”

When the girl’s parents come home they find her stabbed to death.

Perhaps this gives a little context to this doujin, although there’s certainly more rape in this than in the original. 😉

Script: MEGA

Gallery: EXHentai

Finished gallery by Pr1de: EXHentai

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