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[Kansai Orange] Chion, The Cat Is Watching

I’m not even going to pretend I’ve ever heard of the source material for this. But I do like Kansai Orange/Arai Kei, and somehow the old lady knowing that Chion is spending all day selling her body and is kind of OK with it makes it even hotter.

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[Evork Festa] The Instinct of an Ancient (Final Fantasy VII)

For some reason I felt like translating something with Aerith in it (it still bugs me that the official translation isn’t Aeris any more, I grew up calling her that).

She’s driven to bring another Ancient into the world, but humans find it hard to get an Ancient like her pregnant. So she has to go out into the slums begging for semen. Terrible. Just really terrible. I am shocked and appalled.

Wipe your chin, Aeris. You’ve got a little something.

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[Redbell] The Addict Idol and the Pierced Idol


Disclaimer: I know nothing about Idolmaster. However, I do enjoy seeing what is essentially “mai waifu” material corrupted and turned into addicts and sluts begging for more cock so that they can become Japan’s next big singing sensation. Which is probably exactly how it works. The only reason AKB48 needs that many members is so that they can service theĀ entire corporate management team at once.

That’d be a fine night out.

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